Top 10 Types of Tailored Shipping Containers

The shipping container industry is constantly adapting to changes in global trade. There are two main types of containers; dry freight and refrigerated cargo. The dry freight SCF containers store and ship most products we consume, from bottled water to clothing to toys. The refrigerated ones deal exclusively with perishables such as food, pharmaceuticals, or medical supplies.

General Purpose Container

This is the most significant and most commonly used type of container because it can carry a wide array of cargo that doesn’t require special conditions such as temperature control or protection from dirt or dust.

Open Top Container

These have an open top with a hinged roof typically made of solid materials such as plywood, hardwood, or steel plates.

Open Top High Cube Container

These containers are an extension of the open-top containers with an extra height added to them. They are typically used for shipping bulky raw materials or agricultural products that must be sent in bulk.

Tank Container

Tank containers come with permanently installed tanks that can store various chemicals, liquids, and even ores.

Prefab Container

These are pre-manufactured containers without their internal tanks. Depending on their design, the containers can be filled with liquid or dry products.

Cold Tank Container

This type of SCF container comes with a pressurized tank that keeps the product inside cold even when the rest of the container is not. They are primarily used for liquids, oils, and chemicals that must be kept from reaching harmful temperatures.

In-House Lockable Container

These containers come with a lockable lid that can be opened only by the client or someone authorized to open them. They are used for importing food and other sensitive items that may need to be kept secure.

SCF containers

Open Top Lockable Container

These containers have a secure lid with locks that clients can open when they desire to access their products. This type of container is used mainly for merchandise that has to be kept in secure spaces.

Pneumatic Container

These containers use air pressure instead of gravity to keep their contents inside. Until the container is opened or a seal is broken. They are commonly used for transporting dry freight because they come with pumps, fans, and filters.

Open Top Side Load Container

This type of container has a specially designed door to make loading and unloading goods easy. They are used in cold storage facilities and refrigerated warehouses because forklifts can easily access them.


In conclusion, many different types of containers can be used for other purposes. They mainly transport goods, including dry freight and refrigerated cargo. Some SCF containers have wheels and cranes to be lifted and moved to different areas. They use other materials to make their construction sturdy enough to withstand weather conditions and rough handling.

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