How To Open Your Very Own Theme Park

The firm doing the feasibility study may also include initial theme park design and master planning to the project. These may include photos of the new amusement park as viewed through the eyes of a typical tourist, which would aid in defining the “look and feel” of the project in fundraising and marketing presentations. This endeavor would also initiate the extensive planning process required to complete the project.

The following sections illustrate a typical methodology for the early conceptual design phase, despite the fact that the actual method employed by theme park creators varies from project to project.

Strengthen Your Marketing Strategy

Maintain consistency, reach your targets, and maintain a great marketing plan. Discuss your execution plans and outline the activities you will take to achieve each objective. However, your business journey will never be smooth, so remember to remain proactive. A great marketing plan includes the implementation of well-considered loyalty and membership programs to improve the revenue of your theme park.

Consider Emergencies

If a ride at the amusement park unexpectedly stops operating, the repair crew must operate swiftly to get it operational again. Any delay may result in injuries or even fatalities. Have emergency procedures been established? How do you support your existing customers? How quickly are you capable of solving the issue?

Anticipate Changes in Infrastructure

A theme park will eventually have to demolish an aging attraction. Whether it’s because no one rides it anymore or because the technology is obsolete, things occur. Planning for this safeguards expenses and paves the door for something more advantageous to enter the mix. Just as traditional business owners must plan to remove certain products from shelves, so must too many amusement park proprietors. It may not be an enjoyable undertaking to anticipate, but it is a prudent business choice.

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Optimize Local Search Results

Claim your business on Google My Business so that it appears in Google’s search engine results. Ensure that your publicly posted address is included so that it will also appear on Google Maps. You can also create advertising directly on Google Maps, independent of the ads you can run on Google’s main search results page. In addition to improving your GMB listing, you should create profiles on as many review platforms as possible and collect as many reviews as possible.

Land Use Plan

During the design charrette, the process of master planning also commences. Typically, it begins with a “bubble diagram” that adapts the physical recommendations of the feasibility study to the client’s site. This first land use plan becomes increasingly precise and specific as it responds to the concept and site-specific requirements.

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