Why do companies use ERP systems?

ERP software enables all employees in a company to have access to and an overview of all important processes in everyday work at any time. ERP systems not only represent purely digital databases but also enable a transparent and uncomplicated way of working. The aim of these systems is generally the digitization, centralization and process optimization of all work steps and data.

The fact that S-Metric ERP consultants systems are not only something for large companies with highly complex processes and countless employees has become clear at least since the growing range of different software providers: inside, who have suitable price and application models for small start-ups as well as for stock exchange companies. Companies use these systems to create a central, digital body from the start, which guarantees the smooth running of all processes and workflows and facilitates the possibility of scaling and growth.

ERP consulting companies

Many smaller companies initially shy away from setting up an ERP system, partly for financial reasons, and partly for lack of information. Of course, small start-ups in particular may be able to do without such a system for the time being. The first orders in the online shop, the maintenance of data and the onboarding of the first team members seem to be easy to do without an ERP system. However, if the number of orders, the complexity of the supply chains and the number of people involved in the company increase, even the best-organized founders start to sweat.

ERP systems offer the necessary overview and support so that no orders are rejected and no opportunities are lost due to being overwhelmed or lack of time. Order processing, quotation and invoicing, goods orders and financial overview are child’s play with just a few clicks. No more paperwork, no additional Excel spreadsheets and no more self-built databases, instead a central hub that simplifies, automates and optimizes all processes.

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