Ghost mannequin photography: What you need to know

A ghost mannequin photography is a quick and easy approach to display apparel. Mannequins assist your products in maintaining their true shape so that the consumer can picture wearing them without being influenced by the model’s appearance, as is done with lifestyle product photography. On the other hand, Dummies might be obtrusive, which is why you can produce a ghost mannequin illusion for your product photographs. A ghost mannequin photogrpaher can help you elevate your pictures like magic.

You should use the ghost mannequin illusion if you’re a business owner or administrator in the online garment industry. It enables clients to get a taste of what you have to provide and be delighted with your goods right away. The result is a realistic vision that retains the viewer’s attention to your product. All you need is a plan and Photoshop guidelines to get started. 

ghost mannequin photogrpaher


  • It eases the customer’s worries about the fit and style of the item. The consumer perceives themselves wearing the clothing after seeing the ghost mannequin photos.
  • For premium clothing, a ghost mannequin is a feasible solution.
  • The clothing is easy to put together, requiring only a few basic props like clips, tissues, and double-sided tape.
  • In contrast to flat lay images, which are blander, the shoots create dynamic live photos.
  • The ghost mannequins fill the gap between physical and digital shopping experiences by letting shoppers see apparel as it would feel on a human.
  • Customers are not confused by the model wearing the clothing because they are typically done on white backdrops.

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