Elevate The Opulence Of Every Bathroom You Use

Elevate The Opulence Of Every Bathroom You Use

Today, bathrooms serve far more functions than simply providing a place to shower or relieve oneself. It is a personal space associated with comfort, solitude, and sometimes luxury. As a no-judgment zone, your bathroom is likely one of the most significant rooms in your home that is frequently neglected. As a result, it may be worthwhile to go the extra mile to rethink your space and add some spice.

To complete this space of comfort, you must not only consider the most noticeable elements, such as bathroom fixtures and bathtubs, but also bathroom fittings, such as wall-mounted furniture or sanitary wares. Even the tiniest details, such as bathroom accessories, merit your undivided attention because every detail matters. However, selecting bathroom fixtures and accessories from the vast selection available in Singapore can be quite difficult. Relax, Futar is here to assist you.

Elevate and transform your bathroom with luxurious bathroom accessories. VitrA, the leading European manufacturer of luxury bathroom accessories, is carried by Futar in Singapore in its entirety. VitrA is the only global brand that provides you with a comprehensive bathroom solution. The brand creates an inspiring space for all, down to the smallest detail, by applying design intelligence to the total bathroom concept.

In addition to creating functional, technological, and aesthetically pleasing bathrooms, the products in our online catalogue are designed with hygiene and sustainability in mind. Combining meticulous craftsmanship and sensibility, VitrA’s extensive selection of superior bathroom fittings is highly sought after by consumers and professionals alike in Singapore and around the world.

Shower heads, bathtubs, robe holders, toilet paper and soap holders, bathroom faucets, toothbrush holders, towel holders, and even WC brush holders are available at Futar. Make Futar your go-to partner and begin designing a beautiful space with us immediately.

Luxury bathroom accessories

Products of Futra Stone: NATURAL STONE MARBLE

Marble is one of the most elegant and opulent stones, and its versatility allows it to be used throughout the home. Over time, marble is formed when sedimentary rocks, such as limestone, are transformed under heat and pressure.


Hot springs are responsible for the formation of travertine, and the holes within the stone are caused by carbon dioxide evaporation.


Granite is a completely natural, indigenous rock composed of minerals such as quartz, mica, and feldspar.


Mica minerals, which are nature’s glitter, contribute to the stone’s lustrous appearance.


Quartzite is a seven on the Mohs scale, making it harder than glass and a knife blade.

ONYX Onyx is a strikingly beautiful stone that is available in pastel hues and wavy patterns.


Limestone’s pleasant appearance of earth-tone colors has made it popular for a long time, as it is suitable for a variety of environments.

SEMI PRECIOUS STONES is a unique collection that showcases the gem-like beauty of semi-precious stones in vivid hues and intriguing patterns – perfect if you are looking for stone that is out of this world and far from ordinary.

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