Directorship Services And What It Is About; An Overview

Directorship Services And What It Is About; An Overview

Building offshore and offshore management of your company is one way to spread your wings far and wide. Not only will it help you secure your base in a new country, but it also inadvertently gives your company leverage and more advantage over your competition and/or peers. After building these offshore companies, you would also need someone who would oversee all the proceedings and everything that concerns the company. In this case, then, you would need to hire someone who can do the job well. Have you considered hiring directorship services singapore to help with this?

You may wonder why you need to do so and what they do. Hiring a corporate director for your offshore and onshore companies will help you a great lot. They will provide you with the experience they have as professional independent directors that have the practical experience and in-depth knowledge of the formation, structuring,  administration, and regulation of investment deals, all about the desire of your company of course.

Directorship means to be in the position of director of a company.

What exactly does this service entail?

  • They help you in appointing new and experienced directors
  • They attend the board meetings
  • They help you in reviewing the financial statements of the offshore branch in which they are in charge.
  • Ad-hoc support is granted as required.

Directorship services singapore

Do you know that directors are experts in corporate governance and are very influential and valuable to the board of the client’s company?

It is quite understandable that the governance, regulatory, and operational needs must always be a priority, and ensuring that these companies are obliged to all the local and international requirements.

Their services are not limited to those listed above as they also help in keeping minutes, preparing board packs, and effective management of bank accounts.

One thing you should also keep in mind is that services like this are provided by licensed company administrators. The individual director is usually a fit and proper individual, especially vetted or endorsed by and approved by the government regulatory bodies. It can also be provided by dutiful corporate bodies.

There were times when the director of an offshore company was only a nominee, and they are usually in charge of delegating all the operational aspects of the business to the actual owner. They act as a stamp over all decisions taken elsewhere. This was done in the past.


For you to hire a reputable company that would offer services as such, you need to look out for their professionalism, competence and director acting independently. This is very important.

And as you already know they will be helping you look over a lot of proceedings in your offshore company, so they must be highly capable.

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