All You Need To Know About Best Digital Lock Seller In Singapore

For buildings that require dependable access control but have limited access to keys or cards when people enter and exit the building, digital door locks offer a low-cost, simple-to-install security solution. Allocations are useless. They offer the primary access points to homes, offices, and educational facilities without requiring constant key carrying. Digital locks use impenetrable latches or bolts on the door and door frame, just like other door locks do. The control mechanism for the latch or bolt makes a difference.

Any of the following, including RFID, a PIN number, a fingerprint, a smartphone, and others, can operate a digital lock. Although they are frequently found on cars and doors, digital locks can also be used on furniture, lockers, and cupboards. Although there have been some mixed reviews of these locks for cars and doors, for businesses that use lockers and cabinets, digital locks have advantages over traditional key locks.

digital smart lock

Advantages of digital lock

Using a digital smart lock has several benefits, especially for different enterprises. They typically cost less money and do not need a physical key (except RFID which requires a key card). They can also keep track of which lockers are accessible when. For companies that need to track their products, this is helpful. One instance would be the requirement for drug distribution monitoring in the medical field.

Traditional lock vs digital smart lock

Each locking technique has benefits and drawbacks. Numeric key codes can be forgotten, whereas physical keys such as metal keys, key cards, or handheld remote controls might be lost or damaged (or learned and remembered by the wrong person). When changing physical locks and keys, the user can quickly and easily change the key codes, but this requires specialised hardware and knowledge. Fully electric door locks present a challenge in the event of a power outage because they remain locked or unlocked until the power is restored or the battery is changed.

You will typically find a mix of physical and electronic locking controls on an electronic door lock. For instance, you might use a remote control or keypad to lock and unlock the door every day but have a physical key for setup and backup in case of emergencies. It offers the user more convenience and security while also adding more functionality. For conventional swing doors, electronic door locks are easily accessible, and electronic sliding door locks are also growing in popularity.

Despite Singapore’s extremely low crime rate, it is always best to be safe than sorry. It can be very effective to invest in a security alarm system to deter crime, but there are digital door locks that offer the best of both worlds. There are locks that has an integrated security alarm that immediately sounds an alarm when a breach is discovered. The lock is disabled for a short period of time after five unsuccessful login attempts in order to stop additional login authentication attempts. But it’s not the end yet! Following that, in the event of a forced entry, the alarm will notify your neighbors.


We believe that this information about digital smart locks will persuade you otherwise.

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