Know More AboutBone Density Scan In Vernon

Image Care provides the most dependable bone density scan in Vernon, NJ, tailored to your unique requirements. For your benefit as a valued patient, our expert radiologists undertake a variety of diagnostic procedures. One of the most essential choices you can take for your bones density scan process is to choose a reputable diagnostic imaging center. Image Care, being the best cost-effective diagnostic imaging clinic, welcomes people to receive the care they require.

DEXA, or dual energy X-ray absorptiometry, is by far the most efficient and powerful method for determining bone density. DEXA scans can help in the management and therapy of osteoporosis, as well as determining a client’s risk of bone fractures, particularly in high-risk areas like the hip and vertebrae.

When is bone density test recommended?

– Height was lost. Compression fractures in the spine are common in those who have lost at least 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) of height, and osteoporosis is one of the leading causes.

– Broken bone. Fragility injuries happen when a bones gets extremely fragile and breaks considerably more readily than predicted . A forceful cough or sneezing can sometimes induce fragility fractures.

– Certain medications have been consumed. Long-term usage of steroid drugs like prednisone disrupts – the bone-rebuilding process, leading to osteoporosis.

– Hormone levels had dropped. Women’s estrogen levels may drop with certain cancer therapies, in terms of normal decrease in hormones that happens after menstruation.

What does Vernon offers to their clients?

– Institution takes pleasure in providing excellent patient care. We have well-trained personnel, tried-and-true processes, and the most up-to-date medical technology. They have spent no money to provide our facility with the most cutting-edge and comfortable machinery accessible, and we are regularly updating to stay up with advances in imaging technology.

Some of their services include:





-DEXA Scan

When should a bone density screening be performed?

-If you are above 65 years old (risk of osteoporosis).

-If your bones are brittle.

-Treatment technique for osteoporosis patients.

What Does Bone Density Scan Helps In?

-Before you shatter a bone, find out if you have weaker bones or osteoporosis.

-Calculate the likelihood of breaking a bone in the future.

-Check to see if your bone density is improving, deteriorating, or remaining the same.

-Check out how effective an osteoporosis treatment is.

-If you break bones, your doctor will tell you whether you have osteoporosis.

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