How to Pass a Drug Test? Detox Types

When it comes to detoxification of your body, especially considering drug detox, it will become confusing. There are multiple reasons why one would want to detox their body, but most of the time,It’s mainly due to the fear of being caught during a drug test, and it could later become problematic. So, whether you want to detox your body just for cleansing or want to know how to pass a drug test through it, read through the entire article.

How does THC store in the body?

You must understand how THC is stored and reacts in the body to know what detox processes would work out best

THC is a fat-soluble chemical and hence gets stored in the fat cells of the body. Many factors determine the quantity of THC stored, such as metabolism, fat percentage, weight, etc.

There are high chances that the leftover traces of cannabis wash out of your body naturally when you stop consuming it. However, it may take more than a month, nearly 6-7 weeks, for the body to cleanse it independently.

But if you have a drug test before that, knowing how to pass a drug test becomes important.

The best way to pass a drug test in the shortest time possible is by opting for a detox diet that enhances the entire detoxification process.

Which product to use when?

There are two types of detox products in the market, detox drinks and detox kits.

  • Detox drinks are usually best if you want to have a quick solution just for a few hours. These drinks may help you clear your test as they work best just for 6 hours and usually take 90 minutes to show their effects.
  • But if you’re lucky enough to know that your drug test is coming in a few weeks or want detoxification for yourself, then you can opt for drug kits. These kits take a longer period and are much for effective.

It’s all about knowing your needs and the time restraint you have. But then, making smarter decisions will help you pass the test much efficiently and without being caught.

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