HPE Certification Guide: Overview And Career Paths

HPE Certification Guide: Overview And Career Paths

HP as of late rebranded the vast majority of its IT certifications as HPE certs and today offers accreditations in huge information, distributed computing, organizing, security, stockpiling, IT administration and that’s just the beginning.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is a worldwide supplier of data innovation items, programming and administrations to associations, which are normally huge ventures. The organization, headquartered in Palo Alto, California, produces more than $50 billion in net incomes every year. HPE offers more than 90 foundational, expert, master and ace level certifications for people working with HPE cloud, huge information, server farm, IT administration and numerous different items.

HPE Certification Program Overview

  • The HPE Certification and Learning program specialized/item way incorporates four certification aptitude levels:
  • Foundational: HPE Product Certified
  • Proficient: HPE Accredited Technical Professional (ATP)
  • Master: HPE Accredited Solutions Expert (ASE)

Ace: HPE Master ASE

The ATP, ASE and Master ASE levels offer certification ways in huge information, server farm and distributed computing, organizing, IT administration, working frameworks, security, servers and capacity. Every certification way offers at least two qualifications. In the following area of this article, we cover every certification level in more detail.

The quantity of exams per certification fluctuates. Contingent upon geology, exam costs are for the most part $100 to $200 for delegated exams. The expenses for online exams (HPE2-xxx, HP2-xxx, HPE3-xxx and HP3-xxx) go from $20 to $100. No matter how you look at it, HPE instructional classes are prescribed yet not required.

Note: In November 2015, Hewlett-Packard (HP) spun off all venture level items into another corporate substance — specifically, HPE. Most HP certifications have been rebranded as HPE certs, despite the fact that you’ll discover numerous that still bear the HP assignment in their names.

Notwithstanding the organization’s expert IT certification portfolio that is interested in all people, HPE offers certifications that objective deals experts utilized by HPE or a HPE Partner. You’ll see those certifications recorded as “HPE Partner Restricted.”

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  • HPE Certification Levels

Establishment Level: HPE Product Certified

The HPE Product Certified certification is an establishment level accreditation that objectives experts who prescribe HPE items and can exhibit them to clients. Ordinary employment parts incorporate specialized engineers (presales and deals) and advisors. Exhibited aptitudes incorporate learning of capacities and key highlights, a comprehension of item qualities and client benefits, alongside the capacity to perform normal assignments identifying with item setup, establishment and design.

Proficient Level: HPE Accredited Technical Professional (HPE ATP)

The HPE Accredited Technical Professional (ATP) is gone for people in little to mid-advertise conditions who can outline, planner, introduce and arrange HPE IT arrangements. The range of abilities of a HPE ATP incorporates remote innovations for server farms and huge systems.

Master Level: HPE Accredited Solutions Expert (HPE ASE)

A HPE ASE certification distinguishes people who outline, designer, execute, oversee and bolster worldwide IT arrangements. At this level, a certification holder regularly works in a vocation, for example, IT engineer, integrator or arrangements specialists. An ASE works with substantially more perplexing advances than an ATP and regularly needs to juggle the subtle elements of a circulated domain.

Ace Level: HPE Master Accredited Solutions Expert (Master ASE)

A HPE Master ASE qualification is the best retire certification in the HPE certification program. A man who has accomplished HP Master ASE certification is knowledgeable in HP advancements and venture arrangements, and can coordinate them to IT business systems to meet prerequisites. This individual is additionally equipped for administering the execution of complex arrangements from the proposition organize through sending in a creation domain.

HPE Big Data Certifications

HPE’s Big Data certification portfolio incorporates accreditations that approve a competitor’s capacity to introduce and manage huge information arrangements as well as outline arrangements too. Fruitful applicants can use HPE examination programming to transform information into bits of knowledge and at last into key bearing, empowering organizations to all the more promptly enhance forms and recognize and redress operational concerns. HPE’s enormous information certifications are centered around zones, for example, information insurance and records administration.

HPE’s enormous information certifications include:

  • HP ATP – Data Protector v9
  • HP ASE-IDOL v10
  • HP ATP – IDOL Server v10
  • HP ASE – Records Manager Administrator v8
  • HP ATP – Records Manager v8.x
  • HP ATP – Structured Data Manager v7
  • HP ASE – Vertica Big Data Solutions Administrator V1

HPE Data Center And Cloud Certifications

HPE’s Data Center and Cloud certifications concentrate principally on comprehension and meeting business prerequisites for server farms and cloud administrations. The HPE ATP certification approves comprehension of HPE Helion-related answers for server farms and the cloud, though the HPE ASE goes for engineers who plan and show server farm arrangements in light of HPE CloudSystem and HPE Helion.

The certifications in the Data Center Cloud portfolio include:

  • HPE ASE – Data Center and Cloud Architect V3
  • HPE ATP – Data Center and Cloud V2

HPE IT Management Certifications

The IT Management certification portfolio concentrates on approving abilities important to oversee (direct, convey, and utilize) IT administration frameworks. The portfolio has more than 25 accreditations that cover four essential ranges: application lifecycle administration, computerization and cloud administration, business benefit administration, and administration and portfolio administration. The certification portfolio for HPE IT Management is strong, and applicants will discover accreditations going from establishment to master levels over the different focuses.

HPE Networking Certifications

The HPE Networking certifications recognize people who can proficiently configuration, convey, oversee and investigate systems in light of SDN (programming characterized organizing) and other rising advancements. These systems extend from straightforward neighborhood to big business arrangements in joined and cloud situations.

The certifications in this portfolio include:

  • HPE Master ASE – FlexNetwork Solutions V2
  • HP ASE – FlexNetwork Architect V2
  • HP ASE – FlexNetwork Integrator V1
  • HP ATP – FlexNetwork Solutions V3
  • HP APS – Networking [2010]
  • HPE ASE – Data Center Network Architect V1

HPE ASE – Data Center Network Integrator V1

Since HPE procured Aruba Networks in 2015, there are likewise a few Aruba certifications accessible in the Networking classification. These certifications have their own particular certification levels (Associate, Professional and Expert) are still distinctly “Aruba” as opposed to being incorporated into the HPE certification program.

HPE Operating Systems Certifications

The HPE Operating Systems certifications perceive people who are capable in sending, arranging, working and overseeing servers running HP-UX, HPE NonStop or HPE OpenVMS. These certifications are designed for big business situations.

The certifications in this classification include:

  • HP ASE – HP-UX 11i v3 Administrator V1
  • HP ATP – HP-UX 11i v3 Administrator V1

HPE Security Certifications

The HPE Security certifications are designed for arrange directors and insurance masters who can design, convey, design and oversee ArcSight, Fortify and SecureData arrangements. Accomplishing HP’s security certification approves an applicant’s capacity to shield a venture from cutting edge dangers and oversee hazard. The certifications in this portfolio incorporate the accompanying:


  • HP Master ASE – ArcSight Security V2
  • HP ASE – ArcSight Administrator v1
  • HP ASE – ArcSight Analyst V1
  • AP ASE – ArcSight Logger V1
  • HP ATP – ArcSight Security V1
  • Invigorate:
  • HP ASE – Fortify Security V1
  • HP ATP – Fortify Security V1
  • SecureData:
  • HPE ATP – Data Security V1

HPE Server Certifications

The HPE Servers certifications character experts who design, outline, construct, actualize and oversee server arrangements, which may incorporate ProLiant, BladeSystems, Integrity, Apollo, Moonshot or Synergy. Server certifications are primarily gone for arrangement planners and integrators.

The Server certifications include:

  • Ace ASE – Advanced Server Solutions Architect V3
  • HPE ASE – ProLiant Server Solutions Integrator V3
  • HPE ASE – Server Solutions Architect v3
  • HPE ATP – Server Solutions V3
  • HPE Product Certified – Converged Solutions [2017]
  • HPE Product Certified – OneView [2016]
  • HPE Product Certified – Synergy Solutions [2016]

HPE Storage Certifications

The Storage certification portfolio offers moderately couple of certifications, all of which concentrate on HPE stockpiling arrangements and mix. Since capacity runs as an inseparable unit with different advancements, applicants should likewise know about HPE ProLiant servers, HPE organizing, related HPE programming arrangements and HPE focalized foundations.

The certifications in this classification include:

  • HPE Master ASE – Storage Solutions Architect V2
  • HPE ASE – Storage Solutions Architect V2
  • HPE ATP – Storage Solutions V2
  • HPE Product Certified – OneView [2016]

Climbing The HPE Certification Ladder

Whichever strength way you pick, climbing HPE’s certification step can enable you to propel your vocation as you build up your abilities and specialized information.

For instance, on the off chance that you need to seek after HPE’s Security certifications with ArcSight items, begin with the HP ATP – ArcSight Security. It has no essentials and requires two exams: one on ArcSight Security Solutions and another on ArcSight security organization and examination.

From that point, you can seek after one of the HPE ASE qualifications: ArcSight